Simple flat commission for all your customer segments

Extra commissions for online sales

Monthly payment

Home Now Guarantee


You probably know that the rewards offered by 3rd party connection providers in the market are fairly similar however what is very different is your actual bottom line. The Ray White Home Now brand continuity is able to engage with all of your customer segments and this alone provides more opportunities to grow your rewards. On top of this is your customer experience who now know they are dealing with Ray White and not a surprise phone call by someone they have never heard about.


As part of the family of businesses our aim is to ensure the Ray White brand extends even further in your customer journey. This brand continuity provides your office with many benefits including helping your customers compare and connect to a broad range of utility connection services whilst assuring them peace of mind that their running costs for their property are as efficient as possible. We do this whilst also identifying lead opportunities such as new vendor listings, landlord and finance needs for your team to follow up.

The offices that have made the Home Now program part of their DNA are already experiencing these benefits. As part of your virtual customer experience team we are pleased to offer you the Home Now guarantee

Real Estate is all about relationships and by providing a deeper relationship with your customers will create more opportunities to understand their real estate aspirations both now and or in the future.

No Lock-in Contracts

We believe that our service standards should form the basis of your commitments. We do not require you to enter into any term contracts. We do require that the Ray White Home Now service operates on an exclusive basis in your business. This ensures that we connect your customers in time for their move and avoids duplication of connection application which will result in a poor customer experience. If for some reason, you decided not to continue with Ray White Home Now we just ask for one week’s notice.

Our Bottom Line
Commission Price Match

There are many 3rd party commission schemes in the market but at the end of the day it’s what you receive in your bank account that’s important. Because the service provides your customers with more choice, ease of use and brand continuity this results in more successful customers connected via Home Now. So, it’s for this very reason we are happy to match your bottom line commissions. If your commission paid are less than what you have received from other providers, we will match the difference with a true up.

Ray White Utility
Health Check

The Home Now team can also help your office ensure they are on the right utility plans. The Home Now panel of utility panel are eager to win your business and all we need is a copy of your energy and broadband bill and we will come back with a proposal. We have already saved some offices thousands of dollars.

We can also help your staff ensure they have the most efficient running costs for their home.

Contact us to get your free Home Now Utility Health Check and allow us to investigate the most competitive electricity, gas and broadband plan for your office and your staff.